2002 Gambit Letter from All Natural Foods

Natural vs. National

I appreciate the cover story, “Farm Futures,” written by Sara Roahen in Gambit (Dec. 3). We at All Natural Foods have promoted organic food for over two decades. It is important that people are informed about organic food as an alternative to the chemical-laden food which is commonly available in the mass market.

Since 1994, All Natural Foods has carried 100 percent organic produce. We have been the organic stronghold of New Orleans, yet we were not interviewed or even mentioned in the Gambit article. This article came out two days before the opening of Whole Foods’ new store on Magazine Street. What better advertisement for their opening could they have asked for? Does this national chain need public relations assistance from Gambit?

I remember when Gambit started having national advertisers. This “local rag” was changing. Now, Gambit appears to be supporting Corporate America through editorials, ignoring long-time local businesses. TheGambit of old might have had a feature article about the importance of keeping local businesses alive with the influx of national chains into the city.

As Gambit marches into the future hand-in-hand with Corporate America, our small businesses of New Orleans need local journalistic support. Perhaps those of us who hold on to those things that give New Orleans its charm and flavor do so in vain.

–Michael Zarou

Owner, All Natural Foods

Author: DW

New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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